Nanoparticle Measurement Solutions

Find Dissolved Impurities in Upw

  • 1 ppt sensitivity
  • Real-time, online monitor
  • Dissolved inorganic or colloidal silica detection

Great for monitoring UPW systems for yield-killing excursions

Nonvolatile Residue Monitor Model 8000


In today’s semiconductor manufacturing world of shrinking line geometries, it is critical to use water of the highest purity to limit damaging defects. Thousands of liters of ultrapure water (UPW) are used to wash and process a single wafer. Any dissolved impurities that remain on the wafer’s surface after washing can cause defects in the resulting semiconductor devices. The Nonvolatile Residue Monitor (NRM), Fluid Measurement Technology’s original flagship product, was designed to address this problem. Unique at the time it was invented, it has been sold throughout the world.

The NRM is an industry standard for the reliable measurement of dissolved inorganic or colloidal silica impurities in UPW systems for the microelectronics industry. The NRM detects contaminants that other detectors such as TOC monitors, particle counters, and on-line reactive silica monitors do not detect. The NRM is frequently the first instrument to indicate water quality degradation and as such can offer a distinct competitive advantage. The NRM is the only available instrument meeting the ASTM Standard D5544-05, “Standard Test Method for On-Line Measurement of Residue After Evaporation of High Purity Water.”

Advantages of the NRM

  • Detects dissolved inorganic material including both dissolved and colloidal silica.
  • Superior sensitivity and wide dynamic range from an ultrasensitive 1 part per trillion to 60 parts per billion.
  • Water from your ultrapure water system supplies the working fluid – eliminating the need for n-butyl alcohol.
  • Innovative nebulizer waste-flow monitor indicates blockages and ensures flow stability.
  • Updated software for trend monitoring and long term data collection.