Nanoparticle Measurement Solutions

Count Nano Particles Quickly

  • 35 ms 10 – 90% response time
  • 1.9nm D50
  • Flooding resistant

Great for dynamic aerosol studies such as combustion and nucleation

Fast Condensation Particle Counter Model 3650 (FCPC)


The Fast CPC is a thermally diffusive, laminar-flow condensation particle counter. The Fast CPC measures the concentration of particles larger than a known threshold size within a gas sample. The instrument also detects particles that are too small to be detected optically (using light scattering techniques) by condensing a vapor onto the particles so that they grow by several orders of magnitude in size. The Fast CPC has a short response time to capture time-variant aerosol particle concentrations.

The FastCPC incorporates a unique wick design that uses a parallel-plate geometry for the aerosol flow path to facilitate aerosol sheathing. Traditionally CPC wicks have always been circular. The transition from a circular profile to a parallel design is achieved by using a unique patented two-piece design. The wick design allows for a shortened flow path and therefore a spectacular 50% response time of just 80 ms. The working fluid in the FastCPC is n-Butyl alcohol and the transport system has been designed to reduce chances of flooding. Coupled with D50 of 1.9 nm, an aerosol flow rate of 300 ccm and a compact design, the FastCPC is a remarkable breakthrough in CPC design.

Advantages of the FastCPC:

  • Fastest response time of any commercially available condensation particle counter.
    • 50% response time ~ 80 ms
    • 10-90% response time ~ 35 ms
    • time constant (τ) ~ 20 ms
  • 50% detection efficiency at 1.9nm.
  • Relatively high 300 ccm sample flowrate.
  • Reliable active working fluid transport system avoids flooding-related failures.
  • Compact design.
  • Vapor diffusive, laminar flow operation provides a stable detection efficiency