Nanoparticle Measurement Solutions


  • Resolution: >30,000
  • Mass range: m/z 1~1000
  • Sampling rate: 2GS/s
  • Ion source: EI
  • Dimensions (mm), Weight:
  • infiTOF: W270 x H465 x D550, 38.5kg
  • smartGC: W245 x H465 x D550, 18kg
  • Trap: W260 x H600 x D260, 5kg

Great for analyzing Nitrogen-containing organics and real-time reaction fragments


Hi-resolution & Compact Tof-ms

1, General

This device is a compact high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer using multi-turn technology for gas analysis.

2, Model


3, Performance

a. Mass range: m/z 1~1000
b. Resolution: 40000 (FWHM) CO2 & N2O
c. Sensitivity: 132Xe in atmosphere S/N ≧ 10 (Direct inlet using capillary tube)
d. Mass axis stability: Δ ≦100ppm per hour (m/z 28 is used)
e. Mass accuracy: 3.0 mDa(internal standard), 5.0 mDa(external standard)
5.0 mDa(external standard)

4, Configuration details

a. Ionization method: EI: Electron Ionization/Positive
b. Ion source vacuum chamber: Titanium with electrolytic polishing
c. Filament: Rhenium coil x 2 sets
d. Ionization voltage: 0~100V
e. Ionization current: ~ 300uA
f. Ion source heater: 150~350 deg C
g. Analyzer: Multi-turn
h. Detector: MCP+IPD hybrid
i. Vacuum system: 67L/s TMP x2 + 10L/m diaphragm pump x2
j. Reaching vacuum: Ion source: 3x10E-6 Pa , Analyzer: 2x10E-5 Pa
k. Vacuum gauge: Hot cathode w/ Pirani gauge x2

5, Operating system:

Windows10 64 bit English
CPU core i7
Main memory 8GB or more
SSD drive 500GB or more
Display 1920 x 1080

5, Installation environment

a. Running temperature: 15~30 deg C
b. Temperature change: 3 deg C per day
c. Power: Single phase 100 ~ 240VAC 50/60 Hz 0.5kVA

6, Size, weight

W270 x H465 x D550 mm, 38kg