Nanoparticle Measurement Solutions

Dilute to 2000 Particles/ml With Ease

  • Any aqueous solution or clean solvent
  • NIST traceable standards
  • PSL spheres and colloidal silica

Great for diluting colloids for subsequent analysis

NanoParticle Standards and Precision Dilution System Model 9210


The Precision Dilution System (PDS) offered by Kanomax FMT is an innovative tool that allows you to simply and accurately dilute both Polystyrene Latex Spheres (PSL) and colloidal silica suspensions as low as 2000 particles per mL. A high concentration and subsequent dilution ensures that the Kanomax FMT standards are much less susceptible to contamination from the walls of the bottle used to ship the standards. You can also use the PDS to dilute any high-purity, aqueous fine-particle suspension or a limited range of clean solvents.

Kanomax FMT offers a unique range of both PSL spheres and colloidal silica standards with known size and concentration. The PSL standards are National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable and are immediately available as a “cocktail” for sizes with a concentration slope of negative 3. The available cocktail sizes are:

  • 20-125nm
  • 20-220nm
  • 20-300nm.

The colloidal silica standards are European Reference Materials (ERM) traceable and are immediately available in the following nominal sizes:

  • 10 nm
  • 20 nm
  • 30 nm
  • 50 nm
  • 90 nm.

The final size for all PSL and colloidal silica standards is determined by the Liquid Nanoparticle Sizing system (LNS). Both the PSL and colloidal silica standards are supplied at an accurate concentration starting at 4E7 particles per mL. Kanomax FMT also supplies colloidal silica standards at 10, 20 and 30 nm for calibrating the ScanningTPC, and an LNS Volume Standard for calibrating the inspection volume of the NanoParticle Nebulizer (NPN).

A complete list of all NanoParticle Standards currently offered by Kanomax FMT with shelf life and storage conditions.