Nanoparticle Measurement Solutions

Characterize Nano Particle Distributions Quickly

  • 2– 40 nm size range
  • < 10 s for 2 – 10 nm
  • < 60 s for 2 – 40 nm

Great for dynamic aerosol processes like nucleation and combustion

Drift Tube Ion Mobility Spectrometer Model 3006


Kanomax FMT’s Drift Tube Ion Mobility Spectrometer (DTIMS) provides ultrafast-response and highly resolved power size distribution measurements for large molecules and particles from sub-2 to 40 nm.

The DTIMS has two components:

The unique aspirating drift tube design of the ion mobility classifier allows the DTIMC to classify a defined “sample volume” of aerosol particles based on temporal separation of mobility. This significantly shortens the measurement time as compared to the time needed for conventional spatial-separation classifiers, such as the Differential Mobility Analyzers (DMA). By coupling the DTIMC (Model 3670) with the FastCPC (Model 3650) with a response time constant < 20 msec, the DTIMS provides best in class size distribution measurements that are as fast as < 10 sec for sub-10 nm, and 60s for < 40 nm particles.

With its ultrafast response and high-resolution measurement, DTIMS is ideal for:

  • Fast throughput of colloidal sample analysis in the gas phase
  • Characterization of dynamic aerosol systems, such as nucleation or combustion processes
  • Tandem electrical mobility measurements, such as DMA-DTIMS