Nanoparticle Measurement Solutions

3 nm Ultrapure Liquid Quality Monitor

  • Measure below the Optical Particle Counter Detection Limit!
  • STPC3 Measures both Residue (Particle Precursors) and Native Particles.
  • Monitor UPW and Dilute solvents (IPA, H2O2, Ammonia, HCl).

Kanomax FMT and the Kanomax Group have unique ultrapure liquid particle expertise and can deliver solutions to your nanoparticle measurement challenges. Connect with us today!

Scanning Threshold Particle Counter 3 Model 9010-03


Industry Recognition

  • C79-0113 Guide to Evaluate the Efficacy of Sub-15 nm…
  • C93-0217 Guide for Determining the Quality of Ion Exchange Resin Used in…

Patent Protected

  • Patent numbers 8,272,253 and 8,573,034 have been issued to CTA and licensed to Kanomax FMT.
  • Kanomax FMT has applied for additional domestic and international patents for technology contained within the STPC System.
  • Patent number 7,852,465 has been issued to Kanomax.

The STPC3 was developed in collaboration with CT Associates, Inc.

Allowed Chemicals

  • IPA 0.10 v/v at the Sample port (limited by peristaltic pump tubing); 0.0001 v/v at nebulizer
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: 0.35 v/v at sample port; 0.001 v/v at nebulizer
  • Ammonia: Max pH 12 at sample inlet / pH 9 at the nebulizer

For all other chemicals and chemical blends, contact the factory.

STPC3 Comparison to Optical Particle Counters

Category STPC3 9010-03 STPC 9010 PMS Ultra DI® 20
Size channels [nm] 3, 9, 15 10, 15, 20 20, 50, 70, 100
Operating principle Nebulization + condensation particle counting Nebulization + condensation particle counting Light scattering in liquid, mapped to a particle concentration
Allowed liquids UPW, IPA, Peroxide, Ammonia UPW UPW
Native Particles? Yes Yes Yes
NVR / Particle Precursors? Yes Yes No
Material dependent? No No Yes
Bubble interference? No No Yes