Kanomax FMT at SEMICON WEST, 2019

Kanomax FMT is the World Leader in Sub 20-nm Particle Measurement. With instruments that measure particles down to 2nm, independent of composition or shape, our capability is out in front of the IRDS roadmap.

At our booth 5351 we displayed:

The Scanning Threshold Particle Counter (STPC) is the first commercially-available on-line particle counter capable of detecting particles as small as 7 nm in UPW. The STPC is great for monitoring organics, colloidal silica, filter breakthrough, and other yield killers in UPW that traditional OPC’s miss.

The Nano SpotLight System (NSL) extracts and deposits individual particles in UPW > 5nm onto a << 1mm spot for easy SEM analysis. The NSL is great for analyzing, fingerprinting, and troubleshooting UPW systems.

The Liquid Nanoparticle Sizer (LNS) gives actual (not relative) concentrations of colloidal suspensions from 6 to 360 nm. The LNS is a great choice for characterizing and controlling CMP slurries.

Kanomax FMT products can help solve your toughest particle measurement and control challenges – please get in touch to know more.